Effective personal development,(The Ultimate Guide) after the 2020 events

Effective personal development,(The Ultimate Guide) after the 2020 events

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2020 was full of political and economic events that will change many concepts and directly affect personal development to make new goals with new skills. When you ask me why should I be concerned with personal development! I think you are asking me what are the benefits of education and science that we know today!

As the reality tells us that all of the science we achieved today like medicine, engineering, astronomy, and even military power, we have got all this because of people who have specialized in developing this field by learning, reading, studying, experimenting, analyzing, and using any tool available to accomplish this development.
So, personal development gives us the knowledge
Who owns the knowledge owns the ability to succeed and advance in any field.
Who owns success owns the strength.
Who owns strength owns the power to impose peace or make destroyed.

What is meant by Personal Development? and why we need it!.

Personal development is a process of improving oneself through specific activities like
Improve or increasing consciousness and identity,
Improving your skills and increasing the amount of knowledge,
Enhancing contracting or employment skills,
Develop our talents and potentials,
Help on building human capital and promote employability and building wealth,
Encourage people to go into business for themselves,

The growing success of self-help by enhancing the quality of life and contribute to the realization of people’s dreams and aspirations.
It involves building personal traits that will help you advance socially or professionally.


How we get personal development in our entire life? and why it is important!

We get Personal development directly from experience and situations that we face every day in our life, and from the company that we work for, from needs to learn something new like job skills or learning new hoppy, or reading books, as well as needs to solve a problem we have.

So when you have big experience or knowledge, goals, and planning, Then it allows you to get succeed. Allows you to set challenging goals and take risks. Helps you keep trying if you at first didn’t succeed. When the going gets rough, It helps you control emotions and fears. so remember that personal development is not for broken people, it’s for people who want a better life.

Why you should start the personal development now?

    1. The American presidency order to hiring according to the competence rather than the educational certificate

      Regardless of all the reasons above that you may not be interested, too. But do you know anything about this news issued by the American presidency that Issued on: ? “Executive Order on Modernizing, and Reforming the Assessment, and Hiring  of Federal Job Candidates” as they mentioned in the order I quote “overreliance on college degrees  excludes capable candidates and undermines labor-market efficiencies.” Tweet: Effective personal development,(The Ultimate Guide) after the 2020 events| ZAATK /effective-personal-development-2020

      This news indicates that employment is available for those who do not have educational degrees in a specific field. As long as they have full knowledge of this field and can take over the job with high efficiency after passing the tests and interviews.
      This issue has been in effect for some time ago, but what is new is that this matter has become official from the US government and will affect most jobs in America and abroad and in government and private work as well.

    2. Economic damage caused by the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic

      According to statistics, there are millions of job losses and the collapse of companies, small and medium companies worldwide, especially in the sectors of tourism, hotels, aviation, oil, international trade, and many others.
      Can you imagine the number of employees who lost their work during that period in each field? It is a huge number and they are all looking for work because they have responsibilities, bills and expenses for their families and homes, and this increases the difficulty of accepting the new work in the case that some companies start work at full capacity and open the door of employment again, then they will have to choose the best employees and the most skilled, efficient and productive.

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Unemployment rate due to coronavirus 2020 - personal development - zaatk.com
Unemployment rate due to coronavirus 2020 – personal development – zaatk.com 

These are very sufficient reasons to start now with personal development, raise your skills, increase the efficiency of your work, and search for ways and tools to succeed in your business. or start a new desired interest that you like and have a good knowledge of it or it might be something you read in books before and want to learn about.Tweet: Effective personal development,(The Ultimate Guide) after the 2020 events| ZAATK /effective-personal-development-2020

personal development goals. or what goals to set to get your development?

personal development goals
personal development goals

Before you start setting goals, you should think about these important points first, because they will be your motivations to continue achieving them, according to your need, interest, or desire.
If you have to, first write these questions and answer each of them, thus setting your goals

1-What are your most needs?
2-What are the problems that need to be solved?
3-What are the new hobbies that you need to learn
4-What are the most important desires that you desperately want?
5-What benefit do you want to accrue to your home or community?

personal development examples

And here I am going to mention examples of the most common goals you may need like most people. But sure you can have different goals depending on your needs, desires, and problems …etc. and it’s priority depends on what’s most important to you.

  • Education
  • Career
  • Creativity
  • Developing your talent-skills-strengths
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-confidence,
  • Self-control, discipline
  • Communication skills
  • Personality development
  • Spiritual growth
  • manage your stress-time-anger
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Mental health
  • Spiritual growth
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Changing limiting beliefs

personal development plans

The purpose of making a plan for your personal development goals is that you can manage your time and put it in your schedule, it makes you more motivated and feels it is easy to achieve, knowing the tools and resources you need to reach your goals, whatever they relate to happiness, skills, career, inner peace, relationships, or whatever you decide. Now for making any plan it depends on

Knowing what is your goal

The best way to achieve it, make it easy.

Fulfill the plan

Now let’s clear them one by one to help you create a plan that suits you

Knowing what is your goal.

As we mentioned before your goals according to your need, interest, or desire. would help you better to achieve them, Because they are considered motives for the achievement, everything we do we need the motivation that makes us keep doing it and not forget about it with time or leave it to our distraction with something else that has more importance and motivation.

But that is not all. your personality affects too like Self-awareness, Self-management, Social Awareness, Relationship management.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.  “David Campbell”

The best way to achieve it, make it easy.

There are other things in your personality that may help you or hinder you in achieving your goals, so you must know your capabilities and develop them to suit your needs.
Whoever wants to win the weightlifting championship has to train in weightlifting for months and years.
Whoever wants to make a breakthrough in the world of technology must learn and train for months and years in the world of programming and technological development.
If there are two aspects, the physical side, and the mental side, you must know what your current capabilities are and where you want to reach them, and thus you will know which tools, information, and resources you may need.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  “Antoine de-saint Exupery”.

Fulfill the plan.

If you understand the last points I am sure you now have the guideline that makes you can start right now executing your plan. but in general, you have to do this list

  • write your goals at your personal note
  • make a checklist for your plan steps
  • Read books a month at least two books
  • Attend a workshop, or register in online courses that help you
  • Search online about your goals, then follow all Writers, Youtubers, Bloggers, and social media influencers in your goal niche.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

How can I improve my personal development skills?

To improve your personal development and be motivated at the same time there are many suggestions you can do many of them easily.

  1. Focus on growing your self-confidence and self-esteem
  2. Improve your communication skills
  3. improve your leadership skills
  4. Attend a personal development workshop
  5. Attend personal development seminars
  6. Learn to meditate
  7. Get a coach
  8. read books and Set a goal for how many books you’ll read in a year
  9. Learn to manage your anger and stress
  10. Identify your strengths and your weaknesses
  11. Learn the power of forgiveness
  12. Define your life purpose
  13. Create a plan for self-improvement, and start … now!
  14. Take self-defense classes
  15. Learn how to make prioritize
  16. what is your own vision for success! define it
  17. Get used the habit of writing to-do lists daily

Stay motivated to reach your goal and commitment your plan

The big problem we all face when we intend to reach a goal that we get lost in the middle because of many reasons like, daily routine, busy days, home, work times, and losing the passions. So you just have to include motivation ways in your plan whatever is this way, even if it is just reading books or following influencers. Anyway, I’ll mention some common ideas and I am sure you can do more than this. you can find many or resources, tools, and offers for many important books and courses that important for general self-improvement and developing skills by joining our newsletter.

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  • personal development quotes

Many people love quotes and there are big numbers of searching about quotes at everything especially what related to self-improvements, growth, getting rich, and making money from self-made millionaires. sure quotes help us to take actions and show us the right way for example.  I had an opinion on politics and about my acceptance of some of the interference from the executive authority over the legislative authority in some countries, and when I read some quotes of Gandhi and some of the giants of freedom and politics, I learned the difference and how this affects the existence of corruption and state collapse.

In fact, those quotes I used to watch on social media by chance, so we care with that point on our pages on social media and publish more quotes that really useful information. You can find our social media accounts at the bottom of the page.

  • personal development books

Today, you can find any book you need in all ways and formats that help you to read anytime, anywhere. books are no longer dependent on the paper version, but there are e-books pdf copies, and there are even audio-books. so you have to use this important chance to increase your motivation and read more about your goal or the way you want to walk through.

you can use our resources and suggestions books that arrive you at E-mail by joining to ZAATK newsletter, or you just search about the best personal development books that talk about your goals or skills that you need to improve.

  • personal development courses

most countries now have good internet access that offers you reach many of information, files, data, analyzes, work teams, and workshops with just seconds, and that is a great chance because I remember from 15 years when I was still young and have a passion with programming and building websites, I had to travel to another city for a workshop about PHP language! there was a little data online not like that big data you can see today in any field!

There are many websites for courses, workshops online from your home with great tools and quizzes to test your understanding and reviews to know what is good and what is bad for you before you involve, and teamwork for making projects, This idea also applies to books sites it have also books reviews. I am sure that would be very helpful.


Final Thoughts

Life is not easy as we see it, and opportunities are not repeated unless the rate of these opportunities increases by working hard, increasing efficiency and productivity, developing personal and work skills, and developing new skills that suit market needs.

After many events and changes that occurred in the world this year 2020, of which we mentioned only two because of their direct impact on the importance of starting to develop yourself after the economic losses of Corona and also after the American presidency’s decision to rely on efficiency in employment instead of an educational certificate.<

Regardless of the reasons that may not be important to you because you still have a situation in your work or trust in your current skills, but believe me, the world is changing very quickly and there is nothing guaranteed so believe me you must start now before tomorrow to develop yourself and your skills and you have all the tools available to you online beginning Of books and courses that may take you and your skills to a professional in any new field.

Thank you, if you liked the article, share it on social media, share with your friends, send me your comments and opinions, and do not hesitate to write to me from the contact page